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Our school tuckshop is open from Tuesday to Thursday, where students are able to purchase nutritious and tasty snacks and meals.

We use a pre-ordering system using reusable tuckshop bags, available for purchase from our school office, or brown paper bags.

A Meal Deal, costing $9.00 is available every Thursday - orders need to be in by Wednesday morning. The Meal Deal changes each week and is outlined in the school newsletter.

Our tuckshop supports healthy choices, with a range of food on offer. School age is the perfect time for children to learn about healthy food, bodies and activity. This is the time they start a busy social life, have pocket money and begin to help choose their own lifestyle. Children of this age learn quickly and are also influenced by their friends and popular trends.

Our menu is set out with foods marked with different colours to help make smart food choices.

  • GREEN = "Have Plenty"
  • AMBER = "Select Carefully"
  • RED = "Occasionally"

Healthy tips for school-aged children

Children need a wide variety of foods for a well-balanced diet. The amount of physical activity they have in a day will be an important part of how much they need to eat. When children are busy and active, snacking is important to keep energy levels high.

  • Snacks are an important part of a healthy diet for active children
  • Make snacks nutritious, not just high in energy
  • Plan to share meals as a family
  • Enjoy talking and sharing the day's happenings at mealtimes
  • Let children tell you when they're full
  • Give your child lunch to take from home
  • Let children help with food preparation and meal planning
  • Encourage physical activities for the whole family
  • Encourage children to drink plenty of plain water