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School Routine

School Routine

School hours for students

8.20am - First Bell rings
8.30am - Classes commence
10.40am - First Break
11.10am - Classes resume
1.40pm - Second Break
1.10pm - Classes resume
2.45pm - School Finishes

Playground supervision commences at 8.10am

Parents wishing to collect their children early from school are asked to sign their children out in the Sign In / Out Register situated on the counter in the Office. All visitors to the school are to sign in and out at the School Office before visiting classes.

If a child is absent from school parents are expected to inform the Office before 9.00 am on the day of a child’s absence, and a letter explaining any absence must accompany the child when he/she returns to school.

Should a parent be aware of a child’s extended absence because of illness, family holidays, sporting or other commitments, prior notice in writing would be appreciated. This should be addressed to the Principal.

All students arriving after 8.20 am must report to the school office prior to going to their classrooms.