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Family and Community Engagement (FACE)

Family and Community Engagement (FACE)

At St Kieran’s Catholic School, we believe that parents play a significant role in supporting their children’s learning and well-being. 

The goal of family engagement is to empower families to be active partners in their children’s learning journey.

Why is Parent Engagement so important? 
  • Research shows that 'parents and carers are one of the most important influences on a child's education.  When you are engaged in your children's education, your children are more likely to attend school and to perform better.'
  • When families and schools work together, children are more likely to build good relationships and do better at school. 
  • Research also shows that any and all family involvement is beneficial, however, family engagement has the greatest benefit.  

Principles which underpin Effective Engagement in Student Learning:
  • All families and schools want the best for their children 
  • All children have the right to the opportunity to reach their full potential 
  • Families are the first and continuing educators of their children 
  • Effective schools provide a nurturing and supportive learning environment 
  • Families and schools value quality teaching and respect teachers professional expertise 
  • Families and schools value the diversity of families and use this as a resource for building partnerships and communities 
  • Family-school partnerships are based on mutual responsibility, respect and trust 
  • Leadership is critical to building, maintaining and renewing partnerships 
  • Family-school partnerships improve student motivation and learning
  • Family-school partnerships strengthen the connections between schools and their communities
  • Partnerships can involve all organisations that support families and schools 

What does FACE look like at St Kieran’s Catholic School?
  • All parents and carers make up the FACE of St Kieran’s Catholic School therefore there is no executive structure
  • We meet each term with dates and times to be advised ahead of time.
  • Meeting focus areas include Catholic Identity, engagement in learning, social gatherings and activities, and some fundraising opportunities (this is not a major focus)
  • Meeting structure:
    • Welcome and Prayer
    • Reflection of previous meeting and minutes
    • Principal’s reflection
    • Feedback from parents about the previous term
    • Looking ahead to what’s coming up and how parents and families can be involved
    • Creation of small working groups when required to assist with events