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School Renewal Plan

School Renewal Plan

Reflection on Mission and Purpose
  • Strengthen and clarify the Catholic Identity of St Kieran’s through the recommendations from the Enhancing Catholic Identity School Project and foundational Charism of St Kieran’s.
  • Form a Catholic Identity team to continue the work of clearly articulating the religious character of the school including patron saint, school gospel values,charism and current context.
  • Form a First Nations Advisory Group to identify and implement supportive education strategies and initiatives.
  • Implement explicit teaching linking ecological and social justice initiatives with Christian stewardship and Catholic Social Teachings.

Climate Conducive to Learning
  • Identify specific targets to measure the effectiveness of interventions and strategies.
  • Engage parents as partners in their student’s learning journey by broadening communication related to academic goals and success.
  • Ensure ongoing attention to collection, analysis and application to the National Collection of Data(NCCD) in response to student needs.
  • Ensure clear alignment between data and strategic resourcing (including human resources).
  • Continue to develop and maintain an orderly environment through a focus on positive behaviour management strategies and student engagement.

Emphasis on Learning
  • Make the impact of the Mparntwe Education Declaration explicit in school documentation and classroom practice through the attention to theA ustralian curriculum and effective pedagogy.
  • Renew the implementation of Professional Learning Communities to support and reflect on specific goals and strategies in learning and teaching at St Kieran’s.
  • Maintain a strong focus on staff professional learning with particular attention to the retention of teaching staff to ensure the momentum of learning initiatives is not lost.
  • Provide feedback to staff using strategies such as mentoring through co-teaching, profiling, walkthroughs, peer assistance.