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School Song

School Song

S T  K I E R A N ' S

By Paul Jarman and composers from years 3-6

Ancestor spirits of Kalkadoon land
Guide us together to learn hand in hand
And like the water that falls and makes the Tharapathee flow
We’ll inspire in each other the way we can grow

There is a feeling that we just belong
And we have gathered to sing the same song
That sends the word of St Kieran out into this world
With our love for one another and faith in the Lord

You have taught us how to see who we really can be
And with your guiding hand we will achieve
You have shown us on the path to make the journeys that we seek
And once we’ve found the way then its up to you and me

Colours of orange, the red, gold and green
The Isa sunset, the best you have seen
Over the Argylla Ranges in a never ending sky
You’ll see the beauty of this country in every smile