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Pastoral Care

Our Religious Programme follows that prescribed by the Diocesan Education Council.

The school recognises the important role of parents. With them teachers share in the task of imparting Christian values of love and reverence for God, concern for the welfare and understanding of others, joy in giving rather than receiving, of unselfishness and honesty, the love of beauty and the desire for knowledge to the students.

Prayer, formal as well as structured personal prayer, is part of our school life.

School masses and liturgies are held to celebrate special events such as the opening and closing of the school year and special liturgical events.

Whilst we recognise the importance of imparting knowledge, we are strongly committed to leading students to know God as a friend who always loves and cares. This is done through our personal witness to each other as members of our school community and extending this to all who come into our school.


Principal: Peta Laffin 

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