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Decisions regarding class sizes and staffing are made in consultation with the Townsville Catholic Education Office (TCEO) and are determined by TCEO guidelines and budget allocations. 

At St Kieran’s, staff are encouraged and supported to be dedicated, passionate, hard-working, creative, knowledgeable, collaborative, caring and highly professional educators. Staff are given multiple opportunities each year for quality professional development and they are expected to actively embrace change for improved student outcomes. We believe in the value of being ‘life-long learners’ and we strive to be authentic role models for our students.

2020 Staff List

Leadership Team


Mrs Claudine Dank


Mrs Peta Laffin

Administration Staff

Finance Secretary

School Secretary

Mrs Jenna Robinson

Teaching Staff


Mrs Kristen Merli

Year 1 

Miss Lucy Pether

Year 2 

Mrs Telana Nel

Year 3 

Miss Kate Andrews

Year 4 

Miss Taylor Andrews

Year 5 

Miss Shaylene Stark

Year 6 

Miss Tarni Pereira

Specialist Teachers


Mrs Carla Lloyd

You Can Do It

Mrs Karissa Smith


Mrs Karissa Smith


Mrs Peta Laffin

Indigenous Education

Mrs Mel Siemer

Inclusive Education  

Mrs Mel Siemer

TOSWD (Disabilities)

Mrs Peta Laffin

Learning and Teaching Advisor

Mrs Mel Siemer

Early Career Teacher Mentor

Mrs Peta Mawn

Instrumental Music

Ms Catherine Motteram

School Officers

Assisting Student Learning


Mrs Kellie Pigliafiori (Prep), Mrs Terri  Grosser (Year 1 / 2), Mrs Sam Dolzan (Year 1 / 2), Mrs Jo Schlencker (Year 3 & Playgroup), Mrs Tiana Young (Year 4), Mrs Agnes Lagiono (Year 5), Mrs Marg Ormes (Year 6), Mrs Jayme Hartly (Indigenous Education)

Grounds & Cleaning

Mr Ian Sharratt 

Mrs Milana & Tafu Efu


Mrs Theresa Braithwaite




Principal: Peta Laffin 

Short Street
Mount Isa Qld 4825

P: (07) 4744 9000
E: reception@skmtsv.catholic.edu.au

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